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» Interview with Brad Miska, Producer of the V/H/S franchise and Creator of Bloody-Disguting.com

By: @_Eguiza_

Our admiration goes to Bloody Disgusting and of course, the V/H/S franchise. We had the opportunity to interview Brad Miska, Producer of the three installments and creator of Bloody Disgusting. I won’t bore you with more intro…

The Interview

-So, Mr. Disgusting I presume. I’m sure everyone is asking you about V/H/S: Viral, we’ll get to that later. First, let’s start this interview with a more personal question if I may; it’s been 13 years since Bloody-Disgusting was created, tell me, is everything just as exciting now as it was back then? What’s the thing you miss the most from ye olde days?

Yes and no. There are a lot of new things to be excited about, but the thing I mis the most from the old days is the appreciation we’d get from independent filmmakers. The best feeling in the world is discovering someone’s film and being able to get behind it and share it with the world. Now, with 10 million blogs, these young up and comers get a lot of heavy petting from other sites as well. It’s still exhilarating to discover a movie, though, which is even harder to do now than years ago.

Now, with new technology, everyone’s making movies, and it’s so hard to push through the shuffle and see everything. We’re still a very small operation and I really wish we had more help. But, the smaller we keep it, the more control we have to keep the site authentic. We don’t wanna be seen as corporate. (See U2’s lame iTunes release for an example).

-What was your main goal when you created Bloody-Disgusting back in 2001 and what is your main goal now?

The goal now is the same as it was then: have fun. The site is here because we love horror, and talking about it. If you’re not doing it because you love it, you’re doing it wrong.

-Bloody-Disgusting has become the biggest horror website in the world. When did you realize that you had created such a monster? Was it until “The Collective” deal or before? 

A lot of people don’t know this but we nearly shut the site down in 2003. Our traffic was so massive that it was costing us hundreds of dollars a month to keep the site up. In essence, we were paying fans to visit. Thank god we stuck with it, though, because things got better.

We were the largest horror website in the world by 2004 and haven’t looked back. We’ve stayed consistent and honest, which we think is our bread and butter.

The Collective happened because a friend of mine got a job there and brought us up to them, which seemed like a no brainer on both ends. They’ve been instrumental in taking care of the business end so we can focus on delivering awesome horror content.

-About V/H/S (the first installment), I’ve read in an interview that the whole concept and idea was to produce “a modern Tales From The Crypt”, then it became a huge success and everyone kept talking about it, now it has two sequels and it’s one of the most popular horror anthologies in recent history. How did you feel with the first movie and how do you feel now about this project?

It’s a bit more of the Morton Downey Jr. episode of “Tales From the Crypt” than the actual series. I love short form content, and have a short attention span like all the kids these days. I wanted to deliver meaningful, but brief horror that, good or bad, we be over in 15 minutes.

When we made V/H/S we had no idea what it was, truthfully. None of us did. We had this fun experiment that we were playing with and it was finally taking shape, we sent it off to Sundance and absolutely couldn’t believe they accepted it. I mean, WE loved the movie, but we were also super close to it and had no idea if it was as interesting and weird as we thought. We were not prepared for the response at the festival, either. I know I was having a panic attack in the back of the theater because, if the movie was shit, it would really hurt the website’s street cred. When people start vomiting and passing out, I mean, none of us expected that kind of response. It was so exciting to have people love it and support it – and even the people who HATE the movie, they hate it for the right reasons. None of the negativity bothers me at all.

I’m proud of the third V/H/S. I think we’ve changed the game once again and did something new. We didn’t want to tread on water and keep pushing ourselves to be unique and different. We’re non apologetic, and don’t care if we break the rules (we’re never trying to fool anyone – does anyone really believe the found-footage movies they see are real? Come on.) The goal was to make something fun and bizarre, and I think we succeeded. I have no regrets, so to me that’s a success.

-I don’t want to be a jerk but I have to ask. You’ve seen all three movies obviously (we are still waiting for the third one), so, which one is your favorite segment in the whole franchise and why?

I could make a case for any of them, because their all my babies. BUT, I’m really, really proud of Radio Silence’s segment. I’ve been a huge fan of theirs for years – when they were Cha Matt and Rob – and was over the moon excited to be able to work with them. They’re also the most wonderful people on the planet and we’ve formed a great bond.

Their segment sort of harks back to the first answer I gave you about “discovery” and I feel like they’re a group of super talents that we discovered. And they made me extremely proud.

-The response of both the critics and the audience towards the first two films has been amazing. Which reaction do you expect for V/H/S: Viral?

Honestly, I expect more of the same. Fans of V/H/S know exactly what it is at this point. If you hate the films, you’ll hate Viral. The fans of the franchise will get exactly what they expect, although I’d say this one is a bit more whimsical and comedic than scary. That wasn’t our goal, to be scary.

-I’ve read that you are a Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij fan (me too by the way). As not everything in life is Horror, could you tell us which are your favorite non-horror movies?

That’s an impossible question to answer without thinking for a few days, so, here’s a few: Batman (1988), Jurassic Park, Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Fire in the Sky, Natural Born Killers, Aliens, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Bogus Journey, Valley Girl, Uncle Buck, Fast Times, Three O’clock High, Breakfast Club, Can’t Buy Me Love, Lover Boy – anything 80’s.

-What would you say is your biggest achievement by now?

Surviving this long. Whether you make coffee or have a website, big corporations are out to destroy you. The world is an evil and cold place (cynical, no?) and people will step on anyone they can to get to the top, including Bloody Disgusting. I’m most proud of the friends I’ve made and that I’m known as someone with strong ethics. It’s important to me.

I’m a day by day person, no regrets, no excuses.

-Surely there will be more V/H/S films after “Viral”, the site is growing bigger each day and you’ve been producing movies, what can you tell us about the future of both Brad Miska and Bloody-Disgusting?

Day by day, my friend, day by day. Today, I’m writing about Halloween movies. Tomorrow, V/H/S/4? Who knows…

-As you know, you have a lot of readers in Mexico and South America, please take this space to add whatever you want us to know!

I wish I could speak and write in another language. For years we’ve talked about how to reach your audiences better, but never could figure it out. It makes me feel good that you guys have found a way and hope that we make you proud. We’re all Bloody Disgusting.