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» Interview with Lowell Dean, Wolfcop Writer/Director

Por: @_Eguiza_

-Wolfcop was your FIRST script if I’m not mistaken, the movie is incredibly funny, how difficult is it to merge so many comedic factors to a story that’s completely horror driven?

Yes, this is my first feature film screenplay. The biggest challenge in writing WolfCop was finding the balance between the comedy and the horror.

The key was to take the absurd situations seriously (as much as humanly with such a silly concept) and let the comedy come through the funny characters, their dialogue, and their reaction to these impossible scenarios.

-You wrote the script, then came the cinecoup accelerator, then came the budget restrains and all those things…Did the movie end just as you planned and as you pictured it in your head when you first wrote the script?

Budget was definitely a factor, but so was weather and locations and casting and…all sorts of things! The movie in your head (when you are writing) is one thing, but when you are shooting you have to work with the realities you are faced with.

The movie in my head was more epic, and with more fight scenes than our final film, but I am quite proud of the film we made. We did a lot with what we had… and fought hard to get it!

-When you released 13 Eerie, (let’s face it) almost no one watched it, but now Wolfcop is receiving praise in festivals and it’s trending all over the place…how do you feel about this buzz? Are you rich now?

Haha! I am definitely not rich. It was very much an independent film, but I am so happy for the buzz WolfCop is getting, and how it is being received all over the world. If it opens the door to make the next film or two, all the better!

-About that, 13 Eerie was mostly horror, you wrote and directed Wolfcop in a completely different line, so, how do you want people to look at you…a comedy/horror writer/director? just a horror director?

I just love making movies, I don’t necessarily need to write the script. I would love to direct something written by someone else if the material spoke to me. I just need to find a personal connection to the story.

I’ve written a few other scripts prior to making WolfCop, and some are funny and some are scary. I hope to do many diverse projects, in many different genres.

-You already announced a Wolfcop sequel, Is it gonna be funnier or scarier?

WolfCop 2 will be funnier AND scarier than the first one! How is that possible? I guess you’ll have to wait and see. I learned a lot on the first film, and I see the sequel as an opportunity to continue the story and improve as a filmmaker. WolfCop 2 is going to be crazy. So insane.

-Tell me about the horror scene in Canada, do people there receive gore and blood with a smile on their faces? Do they say “sorry” a lot?

Haha… constant apologies through the blood shed. The horror scene is a great one in Canada. I’m new to the community, but I find it very friendly, very welcoming. The current state of Canadian horror cinema is mostly micro-budget films produced by independent filmmakers with a love for the genre.

If WolfCop was an indie romantic comedy I don’t think it would have received the same passionate support online. Canada loves horror!

-Tell me a little more about your Country…do you really say “aboot” instead of about and “hooze” instead of house? 

I think that is an exaggerated stereotype. I don’t say I say “aboot” instead of “about”.  I do encourage the stereotype though… because it is funny. I do say “gitch” instead of underwear, does that count?

I laugh whenever I see Terrance and Phillip on South Park. To me, that’s the best caricature of Canadian culture. I WILL say that one true Canadian stereotype is that most of us are overly polite. But what a great stereotype.

-As we said, there’s already a Wolfcop 2 script, but is there anything in your mind for another movie? 

In addition to WolfCop 2, I have a couple of scripts ready to go, one is a straight horror movie (a road trip film) and one is a horror comedy. I’m hoping those two can happen in the near future.

-In an Interview you said “An American Werewolf in London” is your favorite werewolf movie, but what about other genres, let’s keep horror out for a while, when you’re feeling romantic or in the mood for love…what movie do you constantly watch?

I am always in the mood for love, but I can’t think of the last romantic film I watched.  I like watching films by directors that inspire me, like Francis Ford Coppola, Richard Linklater, David Fincher. I don’t discriminate on the genre, I just like good movies.

-Halloween is near, what movies would you recommend us to watch in October?

A classic Hitchcock film. My favorite is Rear Window.

-Let’s close this interview so you can go back to your business. Wolfcop has been a little difficult to find in foreign countries, do you have any distribution plans outside US and Canada? Where can everyone outside of the festival scene watch your movie?

Please be patient. We are making our way around the world as fast as we can, but our werewolf drinks a lot… so there are occasional delays.

Raven Banner is our international distributor so watch for updates from them, or follow WolfCop on twitter and facebook for updates. We update daily!

-Take this last space to write whatever you want to your mexican fans, we’re here for you buddy, what do you want to say?

Thanks for your support! I love seeing Mexican WolfCop articles online, and I hope the movie comes your way very soon… ¡Viva México!